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dealers feel that there is no meaning

companies focus on the subconsciously occupying the stage of the annual meeting. As a result, dealers can't participate, can't express themselves, and can't get excited. Natural effects are greatly reduced; Second, what is the purpose? The author finds that many floor companies have committed a "fatal" mistake in planning the annual meeting of dealers, that is, the goal of the annual meeting is not clear. These companies tend to open their
annual meetings for the opening of the annual meeting. They are simply following the trend of conduct and comparisons. The meeting’s agenda has always been set to be bold and demanding, the center is ambiguous, and the themes are scattered. In the past few days, dealers do not know that the organizers want to express themselves. what. Such an annual meeting seems to have many links and is very rich, but no one is clear. After the
opening of the annual meeting, only one head of paste is brought home by the dealers, and the company loses the significance of running the annual meeting; send Message? The annual meeting of dealers is a major event in the business activities of the company and an important means of internal communication. It is unavoidable to send information to distributors in this form: for example, to demonstrate corporate strength and entrepreneurial
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2018-05-07 01:40:11



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