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#1 2018-01-02 03:11:12

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Max Block hot Path of exile three.0 Ray

Max Block hot Path of exile three.0 Ray Necromancer Build
Max Block hot Path of exile three.0 Ray Necromancer Build professionals :
- will do All mapmods except "less armour / block reduction"
- cannot DIE if there are "many cheap exalted orbs hits" (Storm Herald, Ball Lightning, Breaches,Daresso Swords.................)
- will do Hall of the participant - Afk tanking Chimera (haven't tried different Guardians thanks to Atlas customizing)

Cons: - Clearing Speed
- would like Scourge (expensive) for additional injury
- have to be compelled to dodge sturdy sturdy "onehits" as an example "Malachai Punch, Minotaur Punch - injury over Time will Hurt

Karv additionally created a variant of buy exalted orbs incorporate Beta once he got is scourge claw going, that is what makes this build sturdy within the 1st place and may be the #1 distinctive to appear out for. although the Wolves ar extraordinarily annoying. Taking a glance at his vods is suggested for anyone that wishes to fiddle with this build. BY here thanks! well done!



2018-01-02 03:11:12



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