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by Maria Spiliopoulou

ATHENS, Sept. 9 (Xinhua) -- Leaders of seven southern European states joined their voices here on Friday in a call for a new European vision for a stronger Europe to effectively address common challenges that lie ahead.

Ahead of the forthcoming informal European Council meeting scheduled for Sept. 16 in Bratislava on Europe's future, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras hosted the EU-Mediterranean summit in a first bid to reach common positions to tackle the economic crisis, the refugee-migrant flows, security issues, and other key problems the EU faces as a whole.

Leaders from France, Italy, Cyprus, Portugal, Malta, and Spain attended the one-day Athens mini- summit to exchange views.

The result of the dialogue was reflected in the Athens Declaration issued at the end of the meeting, which urged for concrete measures to build a better future for all Europeans.

Regarding economic policy, the Athens meeting called for emphasis to be put on growth, while the refugee crisis called for the effective management of the influx with a humane approach to sharing responsibilities.

Europe must respond to populism, xenophobia, nationalism, and racism, and ensure the internal and external security of Europe, it was stressed.

""The EU needs a new impulse in order to address the common challenges the member states are facing, upholding its values of freedom, democracy and rule of law, as well as tolerance and solidarity. This vision of Europe must be based on concrete measures that will contribute to the security of European citizens and improve their lives,"" the e-mailed declaration read.

""Regardless of our ideologies, what unites us is the Mediterranean Sea, our common problems, our faith in the European vision and our common will to fight for a better Europe,"" Tsipras said in his welcoming remarks broadcast live by the Greek national broadcaster ERT.

All leaders assured during televised joint statements to the press at the end of the meeting that the summit was not an effort to establish a southern European front to stand against the northern EU member states.

The aim was to enhance coordination and cooperation and introduce a Mediterranean perspective into the European Union's agenda to deal with joint challenges relating to migration, security and the economy, they explained.

""Today's summit and the Athens Declaration mark our common will to strengthen cohesion and unity of Europe ... We are not and we do not wish to become yet another initiative that divides Europe,"" Tsipras said during the joint press conference.

""At the time of Brexit, and while populism is on the rise in Europe, it is very important to send a message of cohesion and contribute to the dialogue from southern Europe,"" French President Francois Hollande stressed.

""The Athens Declaration is very important as added value in our description of a Europe which should be different than the one we have known so far,"" added Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

All leaders who participated in Friday's talks expressed the determination to continue the dialogue in the future. The next EU-Med meeting would be held in Portugal.


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