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When the male partner complains about lack of pleasure during coition, the loose genital passage becomes a matter of concern for the woman. The woman gets frustrated when she has to struggle a lot to achieve orgasm, and when she is unable to satisfy his male partner during lovemaking. There are a few methods by which the woman can confirm whether her genital passage is loosened. When the finger is not feeling the grip when it is inserted into the vagina it indicates that the vagina is loose. If the part remains open even when the woman is not aroused that also indicates that her genital passage is loose. If she finds that three or four fingers can be easily inserted into the vagina and if she has to struggle a lot to achieve orgasm, it is confirmed that the genital passage is loose. Once it is confirmed that this part is loose the women have to find out the best solution to the problem How to tighten loose vaginal walls?

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