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Paintball is swiftly becoming a popular sport all over the world. There are now international competitions with prizes in excess of $100 Mike Reilly Jersey ,000. It?s televised on ESPN and you would be hard pressed to not find a paintball field where ever you are. Along with the popularity come books that teach you how to play paintball and give pointers on playing the game as well as reviews on supplies and information on how to create strategies for the game. The following are a few books available on the market today to the paintball enthusiast that will help them develop and improve their game.

The Weekend Warriors is a paperback book by Scott Malensek. This book won?t give you a step by step description of how to play the game. Instead it reads more like a fiction book giving an account of the author?s paintball stories. The author has been a paintball player for many years and the stories span the time from you could only load one paint ball at a time into a paintball gun to today. You might learn something from the escapades of the author and you will learn strategies and what to do if something similar happens to you. The stories relayed in the book puts the reader into the player?s brain giving them insight and enabling them to solve problems on the field.

The Complete Guide to Paintball by Steve Davidson is another paperback that is a must read for paintball enthusiasts. The book gives you pointers and actual drills in order to improve paintball skills. This book gives you newest information on guns and new technology applicable to the game. It also provides information on tournament paintball and there are field listings in the US, Canada and other countries. Learn what to look for in a paintball gun and then read the section on care and maintenance of your equipment. There are over 500 color photos in the book. There is a great deal of detail in the book and it is exceptionally good for a beginner but a seasoned pro will also take away tips of the game. This book will give you an advantage when you play your next game.

50+ Ways to Play with Your Paintballs by Scott Malensek is a paperback that you must read. It gives you variations on games that you have been playing for years and also provides new game ideas. Most of the suggestions are very creative and will create a world in which you can envision yourself while playing a game. Some reviews of the book are less than complimentary stating that the book rambles and says the same thing over and over. Yet Chris Stewart Jersey , other reviews call the book a valuable asset to anyone that plays paintball.

Gun fu: the Martial Art of Paintball by Terry Adams depicts paintball as a martial art and explains techniques and strategy and encourages training to improve the game. Chapters detail body positions and psychological preparation for competition. There is even a spiritual flavor given to the game. It is good for the beginner all the way to players that have played the game for decades.

CANBERRA, Aug. 23 (Xinhua) -- The rise in popularity of Australia's domestic Big Bash League Twenty20 tournament and the growing interest in the women's game has propelled cricket to become the nation's most popular participation sport.

On Tuesday, Cricket Australia (CA) revealed that record numbers of Australians picked up the bat and ball in 2015-16, including a record number of women, with almost 25 percent of all participants being female.

The National Cricket Census, compiled by CA, found that 1,311,184 people played cricket across Australia in 2015-16, an 8.5 percent increase on 2014-15, while female participation rates increased by 9 percent to 314,936 players.

CA chief executive officer James Sutherland said the growth and interest associated with both the male and female versions of the Big Bash League had pushed growth in cricket participation.

"The Big Bash League rose to unprecedented levels of popularity in its fifth year, with an average audience of more than 1 million Australians tuning in to watch the tournament on Network Ten and a record breaking 1,030,495 people attending matches," Sutherland said in a statement on Tuesday.

"The Women's Big Bash League also achieved impressive results in just its first season. We were able to demonstrate a viable pathway for girls and women to pick up a bat and ball and take up cricket as a professional sport."

Sutherland added that he expects the figures to grow again over the 201617 summer as the Big Bash League prepares to enter its sixth year.

"Cricket is clearly the sport of choice for many Australians and we're proud to be billed as one of the biggest participation sports in the country," Sutherland said.

"As another exciting summer approaches, we continue to be focused on growing our sport and inspiring Australians from all walks of life to pick up a bat and ball and play cricket."

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